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Causes of Teenage Pregnancy


Causes of Teenage Pregnancy, the truth is revealed

Causes of teenage pregnancy; From the last decade every one of us is witnessing a rise in teenage pregnancy. The rise in this is not in a specific country; rather it has been seen in almost every part of the world. In this whole scenario the question that first come in everyone’s mind is that “what are the causes of teenage pregnancy?” After doing a great research on this issue, this article has been written to reveal the truth behind the causes of teenage pregnancy.

Teen age pregnancy occurs in girls who are under 19.  The youngest mother of 21st century is 11 years old girl, from Britain. Exactly! I was also shock when I heard this. For a second i went into a deep thought like, how could this happen? That was the time I researched on this rising issue of our society and was able to conclude these facts.


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causes of teenage pregnancy

There are several reasons that lead to teenage pregnancy. Unplanned and unprotected sex is one of the major causes of teenage pregnancy. Well! besides this here are some other facts discussed,


In many countries mostly young girls and boys have sex without getting married to each other. In such society it is very difficult to live as a pure virgin. Teens mostly gossip about all this with their friends that without getting pregnant they have tried everything. Not to be shown as coward in the circle many teens also try sex under their friend’s pressure. This mostly leads to teenage pregnancy and is one of the important causes of teenage pregnancy.

One of the biggest problems of teens is lack of awareness. In a research it has been concluded that many teens have birth control pills, which has a bad effect on their health in later age.


One of the important causes of teenage pregnancy is alcohol.  After drinking and smoking one loose her consciousness of good and bad. In these situations mostly unplanned and unprotected sex has been done which leads to teenage pregnancy.

It is very important to take correct decisions at correct time to avoid such pregnancies. If one has taken correct decision she is able to save the life of her child and hers to.


People under stress mostly seek for things that can make them feel happy. For the sake of momentary pleasure they try tofind someone. Most of the people drink alcohol and then lose their consciousness. It is one of the main causes of teenage pregnancy. Parents should advise teens and support them. This is to ensure their protection.


Sexual violence exists in every part of this world. Elders their relatives, sweepers, school guards or others strangers rape children/girls. Just to have a momentary pleasure people abuse the young girls. This leads to teenage pregnancy. Many youngsters even attempt suicide after such sexual violation. It is one of the foremost causes of teenage pregnancy.

If after sexual violence a girl become pregnant and wants to give birth to the baby there is a huge risk for both mother and the baby. A part from this a mother undergoes many mental and physical changes, and for a teenage girl it is hard to bear these changes.


Every child is hungry for true love and care. Many of us have working mother and father who don’t have much time to spend with their children’s. The child of such family seeks love and attention from outside the home. This can be one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. As children are naive and there is risk of rape.

The death rate of child and mother in teenage pregnancy is more than survival rate. The child born can be suffering from various disabilities.


After great research it has been found that in 21st century there are some countries who believe in child marriages. Early marriage of girls eventually leads them to getting pregnant at the age of 13-15.  This happens because of high rate of illiteracy. Child marriage is one of the causes of teenage pregnancy.

If a teenage mother is able to give birth to her baby, he can be under weight, premature, suffers from mental retardation and many other disabilities. Here are some of the signs as well.CLICK ME.


Many of the teens are heedless of sexual knowledge. Because teens do not have awareness about the various biological facts, emotions, internal health and sex. These teens get information from friends, videos and different movies; which lead to wrong image of everything in their mind. This is one of the causes of teenage pregnancy.

When a teenage girl becomes pregnant, she suffers a lot. She faces college dropout, financial issues, society blames her, and her parents suffers. To reduce the causes of teenage pregnancy one should be aware of sexual knowledge.


Besides these there are some other causes of teenage pregnancy also like exposure to media, poverty and nuclear families. When a person suffers from poverty she is not able to get proper education then this leads to teenage pregnancy. The lack of guidance from elders and proper attention is also one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. Psychological factors can be also the important causes of teenage pregnancy. A person who is suffering from psychology issues need to have pleasure, so she is able to have peace in her life.


There is an age of getting pregnant, means when you have a proper knowledge and is able to support and protect your baby. Getting pregnant in younger age is not acceptable by the society and not even for your life too. Teenage pregnancy can have great effects on person’s life. Hence, one should take proper care of herself. The above mentioned cases are proof. There are different ways to prevent pregnancy which are readable here.

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