How to Get Birth Control Pills


HOW TO GET BIRTH CONTROL PILLS? You need a prescription, although the tablet is simple to get. Here are the details on how to get birth control pills, the manner in which you could possibly get them free of charge, and just how much they cost. Costs fluctuate depending on …

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Birth Control Pills


BIRTH CONTROL PILLS Hello…today I will be talking about how to carefully control birth. Though this is a very easy process but one has to be super diligent in this case. Why? Because if you miss even one step or forget to take your pill for more than 3 hours …

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Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood beautiful-family

PLANNED PARENTHOOD This time there is more of a story in the article rather than solid information. It is named planned parenthood because of the fact that it is based indeed on how to couple planned their parenting. It all began when Alisa married Benson; the couple had known each …

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Preparing for pregnancy | Easyplannedparenting


Are you preparing for Pregnancy? Have you always wanted to get pregnant? Thinking that having a baby your life would become more meaningful, more exciting and you would have a reason to live? Such feelings and emotions are very common. And preparing for pregnancy is somewhat mandatory. Many people get …

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Parenting Plan

Parents happy with child

Plan your Parenting – Parenting Plan Hello dear viewers and welcome to the first official blog from Easy Planned Parenting. Here we will discuss different matters regarding parenting plans and on how to plan & adopt the perfect parenting plan according to you. Parenting plan requires involvement of both genders …

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