Can You Take Zicam While Pregnant: Cold Medicine and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you should take extra care of yourself and your growing baby. And it’s even more important to do so, when you fall sick. But not all medications are safe. So, can you take Zicam while pregnant? Let’s find out!
Can You Take Zicam While Pregnant

Key Takeaways

  • Zicam is a safe medicine to take for common cold while pregnant 🤰
  • Saline drops or spray are commonly used to treat a stuffy nose 🤰
  • You should follow the label, and carefully read through the warnings 🤰

Can You Take Zicam While Pregnant?

Can You Take Zicam While Pregnant

Zicam is a homeopathic remedy used to treat cold and flu symptoms. It comes in tablets, nasal spray and swabs, and gel. Though Zicam is generally considered safe for adults, there aren’t many studies on its safety during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, speak with your doctor before taking Zicam. They will help you weigh the potential risks and benefits.

So, can you take Zicam while pregnant? In general, yes. There is no reason why you shouldn’t.

Beware ⚠️

Pregnant women must be extra careful choosing cold medications, as some common ingredients could put a developing baby at risk. Pseudoephedrine and acetaminophen are especially dangerous during the first trimester, so if you’re expecting, it’s wise to consult with your doctor before taking any form of medication!

Zicam: Medication Specifics

If you’re trying to beat the common cold, Zicam is a great ally in your fight! It contains a special blend of zinc and other ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms. The active ingredient, zinc gluconate, works by blocking out any chance for the virus replicating inside your nose – meaning less suffering time for you!

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When Can You Take Zicam?

So, when can you take Zicam while pregnant? And for how long? 

Well, Zicam is typically used at the first sign of a cold. It can be taken every three hours for the first few days. You shouldn’t use Zicam for more than 10 days. It’s generally well-tolerated, but can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea in some people.

Safe Cold Medicine Alternatives

Zicam is not the only cold treatment on the market, and pregnant women can choose from a variety of medications. Saline nasal spray or nasal strips can be used for the relief of nasal congestion. You can also can drink herbal tea, and do hot compresses to help relieve other cold symptoms. 

Zicam During Pregnancy FAQs

Zicam During Pregnancy FAQs

Can You Take Zinc Cold Remedy While Pregnant?

Yes, zinc liquid, capsules, and even lozenges are safe to take during pregnancy. 

Can You Take Zinc While Pregnant?

Yes, they can. Pregnant women should take zinc supplements to lessen the chances of a premature birth. 

Who Should Not Take Zicam?

People who should avoid taking Zicam are the ones who are allergic to zinc, or any other ingredients. Other than that, it’s a safe over-the-counter medication. 

And there you go! Can you take Zicam while pregnant? If it’s prescribed, then yes! Thanks for reading!

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