A Guide to Gel Manicure While Pregnant: Safety Concerns & Precautions

When it comes to beauty treatments, there are a few that are considered off-limits during pregnancy. Things like hair dye and chemical peels can be harmful, but can you get a gel manicure while pregnant? Is it safe? Let’s explore.
gel manicure while pregnant

Gel manicure while pregnant is a bit of a controversial topic. On one hand, gel manicures are considered safe because the gel polish is applied to the nails and then cured under UV light, which means that there are no chemicals that actually touch the skin. On the other hand, removing gel polish means soaking the nails in acetone, which can be harmful if it’s done too often. We’ll discuss these topics in more depth below.

What Chemicals Are Involved in a Gel Manicure?

There are three main chemicals involved in gel manicures:

  • The gel polish itself, which is made up of methacrylate monomers and oligomers, as well as photoinitiators like benzoyl peroxide.
  • Cyanoacrylates, which are sometimes used as adhesives and coating agents.
  • Acetone, which is used to remove gel polish.

Methacrylate monomers and oligomers are considered safe if they’re cured under UV light, which is the case with gel manicures. However, if they’re not cured properly, they can release fumes that can make you nauseous and dizzy. Cyanoacrylates are also considered safe, but if they get on your skin, they can cause irritation. Acetone will make your nails dry and brittle if it’s used too often.

Is Gel Manicure While Pregnant Safe for You?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. First, how often do you get gel manicures? If you only get them every once in a while, gel manicure while pregnant is probably safe for you. However, if you get them more often, you might want to reconsider.

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Side Effects of Gel Manicure

Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, so you might be more susceptible to the side effects of gel manicure while pregnant. These include irritation, redness, and swelling. If you have any cuts or open wounds on your hands, gel manicure can also increase your risk of infection.

Chemicals in the Gel Polish

Another factor to consider is the ingredients in the gel polish. Ask your beautician to use gel polish that is free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene. You should also make sure that the gel polish is properly cured and doesn’t give off any fumes. Doing your own nails with your own, carefully selected products is another option if you’re comfortable with that.


Acetone is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that can be harmful if inhaled in large quantities. It will also damage your nails more easily now that you’re pregnant, since your nails are more brittle and uneven.

You can avoid soaking your fingertips in acetone by filing down your nails before removal. This will remove most of the gel polish without damaging your nails. The rest can be removed with a cotton ball soaked in acetone.

Is It Safe for Your Baby?

There is no evidence that gel manicure while pregnant is harmful to your baby. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re concerned about the chemicals in gel polish, you can ask your beautician to use gel polish that is free of harmful chemicals. The space should be well-ventilated. You can also avoid getting gel manicures more than once a month.

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Can You Have Gel Manicure on When You’re Giving Birth?

Can you get a gel manicure while pregnant and close to your due date? It’s not a good idea. Why? Because it might turn out that you need a c-section. 

The color of your natural nails is monitored for safety during surgeries, so gel manicure can interfere with that and will have to be removed if you do need a c-section. Many hospitals won’t allow you to arrive with gel manicure or acrylics on. They may inform you a few weeks prior to your due date that any manicure needs to be removed.


So, can you get a gel manicure while pregnant? The answer is maybe. It depends on how often you’re planning to get gel manicures and what chemicals will be used. Usually, it’s fine as long as you don’t get any gel on your skin – if you do, you could have a reaction. If you’re concerned about the safety of gel manicure during pregnancy, talk to your doctor or beautician before getting one.

What do you think about gel manicure while pregnant? Would you get one? Let us know in the comments below!

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