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can you take beano while pregnant

Can You Take Beano While Pregnant? Safety, Risks & Benefits

Many pregnant women suffer from gas and bloating. Beano is a product that can help to reduce these symptoms. But can you take Beano while pregnant? This article will explore the safety of Beano as well as the risks and benefits of taking it during pregnancy.
can you eat cheesecake while pregnant

Can You Eat Cheesecake While Pregnant?

Feeling tempted to eat cheesecake when pregnant? We don't blame you! But the type of cheesecake and other dairy products matters when it comes to your baby's health. Can you eat cheesecake while pregnant? Read on to find out!
can you drink ensure while pregnant

Can You Drink Ensure While Pregnant? 

It's vital to meet all your nutritional needs while pregnant. One way to do this is by drinking nutrition shakes like Ensure products. But is it safe? Can you drink Ensure while pregnant? Keep reading to find out! 
not taking prenatals while pregnant

Not Taking Prenatals While Pregnant: Is It Risky?

Prenatal vitamins help to ensure that the woman and her developing baby get the nutrients they need for a healthy pregnancy. However, not all women take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Is not taking prenatals while pregnant really that big of a deal?
can i use biofreeze while pregnant

Can I Use Biofreeze While Pregnant? Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Can I use Biofreeze while pregnant? Biofreeze is many people's go-to medicine for muscle pain, and expecting moms often wonder if it's safe to use during pregnancy. Let's explore whether Biofreeze is safe during pregnancy and what else can relieve your aches and pains.
can you ride roller coasters while pregnant

Can You Ride Roller Coasters While Pregnant? Safety Tips

Before riding any form of amusement park ride, a pregnant woman should speak with her doctor because every pregnancy is unique. So, can you ride roller coasters while pregnant? Let's dive right in and see what's in store for expecting women!